Altar Wedge Tomb
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County Cork
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OS Coordinate V 859 303
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Altar Wedge Tomb, Co. Cork

Location: About 7 km west of Skull on the side of R 592 where it bends at the eastern edge of Toormore Bay. This well maintained Wedge tomb sits on a level area a few meters from the road and about 30 meters from the shoreline.

Dimensions:The gallery is aligned ENE-WSW with one large roof slab {2.7 m x 2.3 m) supported by three stones in the southern wall and one of the three in the northern wall and a second slipped roof stone (2.6 m x 2.5 m) lies to the rear of the chamber across the western end. The three stones in the northern wall all lean inward to the galley.

Features: Signposted. Pronounced lean to the north

Comments:This wedge tomb is surprisingly sturdy despite it's pronounced lean. It is one of many wedge tombs found on the Mizen Peninsula and is easily the most accessible. While there is little to see aside from the rather sterile wedge tomb site (no cairn material or evidence of kerbstones), the view of Toormore Bay is quite nice with all the dramatic rock outcroppings along the shore.

History: Excavated in 1989 by Dr. Wm. O'Brien and Madeline Duggan who found a socket for the backstone and a low kerb feature at the entrance (no longer visible). At the eastern edge of the chamber a pit was found containing deposits of fish bones and seashells. A small spread of cremated human bones were found in the western section. Outside the chamber worked flint, including scrapers, were found.

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