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Killinaboy, Co. Clare

Location: County Clare. Killinaboy village is north of Corofin on the R 476. Steps rise from the road to a gate in front of the late medieval church, and can be recognized by the gable immediately inside this gate. The stonework on this wall forms a very nice two-armed cross of Lorraine, though this is becoming obscured by ivy. There is an area to park just past the site. The sheela is found above the door on the south wall of the church on the outside.

Dimensions: Approximately 25 inches high by 14 inches wide.

Features: This sheela has a round head on a very thin neck, high close-set small eyes, evenly placed small ears, proportionate nose and a rather grim-looking mouth. No breasts are evident, but ribs are clearly seen on her right (our left) side. Her left arm reaches over and her right arm under her splayed legs to encircle her genitals. He feet point outward.

Comments: Visited May 20, 2006. Inside the church are some very interesting 17th century wall niche vaults and several early floor slabs with interesting carvings.

History: The church is built on the site of an old monastery reputedly founded by the daughter of Baoithe, after which the town takes it's name.

Other Items of Interest: Killinaboy Round Tower. There is a ruined round tower standing at the far edge of the graveyard which is not noticeable from the road as it is covered in a thick crown of ivy vegetation. and other vegetation.

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