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Proleek, Co. Louth

Location: From Dundalk, Take N 1 or N52 north (toward Newry). At the roundabout, watch for the signpost fpr Ballymacscanlon House Hotel or R 173. From here, follow the signs for the Hotel/Golf Course, which will be on the left side of the road. The Ballymacscanlon sits back from the road in a heavily treed spot. Once in the substantial car park for the hotel, park and head toward the hotel building. To the left of the hotel at the far end of the carpark, there should be a sign for the dolmen. If not, head down toward what looks like a stable area. Continue on toward the golf course. Take a left path here and follow it across the course and to the court tomb. It is a long path, but not difficult to navigate as it is paved most of the way.

Dimensions: This is certainly a ruined tomb, but there is much left to appreciate. The gallery stones range in height from .35 meters to .08 meters in height, with the more substantial stones both in height and width at the "bottom". At the opposite end, one roofstone survives. It is approximately 1 meter by 1.4 meters.

Features: Scattered around the perimeter of the gallery are a number of large stones that most likely were part of the structure, or possibly kerbstones to contain cairn material. The stones bear a bright orange lichen that could be mistaken for paint.

Comments: We would not have found this had we not known to enter the grounds of the Ballymacscanlon House Hotel and Golf Course and to take the path near the hotel. There are several signposts in the general vicinity, but the signs disappear at the point where they are most needed. It was a little disconcerting to have these two (the court tomb and the dolmen) in such open places, but they are actually easy to access, despite a bit of a hike.

History: I have been unable to find any history, excavations, etc. on this tomb at this point.

Other Items of Interest: Just a bit further on, at the end of the paved path, is Proleek Dolmen.

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